Monday, October 19, 2015

SNAP Smart Nutritional Advice for Pets by Meg Smart DVM PhD. Veterinary Clinical Nutrition

SNAP Smart Nutritional Advice for Pets:  An app for android and Apple phones

SNAP will individualize the nutritional needs and the health status of pets over their life time. A pet’s current diet can be evaluated or you can use SNAP to evaluate potential diets. Treats can be included in this evaluation. SNAP is a diary of a pet's diet and health.

 No longer will guesstimates be part of a pet's dietary history.A pet's current nutrient intake can be compared to the  industry nutrient standards and/or to the ancestral or prey diet.. You   will be able to evaluate and score  pet store, specialty and  veterinary diets; both kibble or alternative, to determine if they are suitable.

SNAP is a valuable tool for pet owners, veterinarians, veterinary animal health technicians and veterinary  students, or any one interested in pet nutrition

We eat to live and we live to eat!

What we eat governs our how our cells respond whether in a healthy way or an unhealthy way.
Obesity, allergies, endocrine imbalance, chronic renal and liver disease, diabetes , inflammatory bowel disease, premature aging, depression, hyperactivity are all symptoms of  modern day living

Wellness: A complex relationship
Dogs have been associated with man for over 20,000 years when they realized that humans were a consistent source of food and shelter. In turn, humans realized that the dog would reward man with companionship and make life easier by helping with hunting and herding. 

The cats relationship with humans evolved in a much different fashion as cats moved closer to humans when we started to store our grains and food for the winter and unwelcome rodent and insects found this as a convenient source of food, fortunately, the small feral cat found these be a consistent supply of food
Much has changed over the last 20,000 to 30,000 years, with the biggest changes occurring at the turn of the 20th Century when in 1908 Spratt introduced the first commercial dog cake a blend of wheat meal, vegetables, and meat.
Not only the diet of our pets has changed but our relationship with our pets have changed as well as their living environment. Pets offer us companionship, work (unpaid labor), entertainment, comfort, understanding, and loyalty. Pets no longer are allowed to roam in the country but  have moved with man from a rural to an urban life style They now rely on us for their food, their exercise, and their entertainment.

“Good Nutrition is the foundation for wellness”
 October 2015, was National Pet Wellness Month. Just Right by Purina conducted a survey of pet owners to determine what aspects of their dogs” health were difficult for them to make informed decision about. The leading concern was about choosing the right pet food, as they found pet nutrition more confusing than their own. They were overwhelmed by the choices available spending over 10 minutes in the dog food aisle deciding.

SNAP, will personalize your  dietary  choices so that informed decisions can be made with confidence. 

My experience:
¡   Veterinarian, nutritionist, and academic with nearly 50 years of experience in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition
¡  Nutritional consulting for veterinarians and pet owners
§  Research into diet alternatives and the role of nutrition in the cause and prevention of disease
¡  Strong believer that sound nutrition is the cornerstone of continued good health, happiness, and longevity of companion animals.
¡  Lifelong animal lover   

 Important Notice: I have some demonstration copies available for testing and review If you are interested in helping please contact


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