Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why the Pet Food Industry Lacks Transparency By Meg Smart DVM, PhD

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Healthy pet treats: Considerations when Buying Marion (Meg) Smart DVM, PhD

    • In 2014, at the PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Committee) trade show at the International Center. Mississauga Ontario, the number of new pet  treats is noticeably increased from previous years. This increase is in part related to a consumer fear of potentially unidentified fatal substances in treat ingredients sourced off shore. Should we also be cautious of treats made from local or north American sources? I visited many of the booths that were selling  treats (freeze dried, dehydrated, baked, extruded, frozen, raw, HPP (high pressure pasteurization). The question I asked was simple: "When you formulate your treats do you determine based on  the nutrient content of those treats how many treats can be fed without upsetting the nutrient balance of the pet's diet?" The answer was a unanimous" no " followed by "I never really thought about it."

A Proposed Research Project on the Role the Gut Microbiota Plays in Carbohydrate Metabolism in Cats By Marion (Meg)Smart DVM, PhD

This is a draft of a proposed research project that examines the role of the gut micro biota and diet in the pathophysiology of obesity and diabetes in cats. I am retired June 30th, 2014; so am sharing my thoughts with my readers, as I think it is a proposal worth considering.