Friday, February 17, 2012

The Basics of a Home Made Dog Food

Are you afraid to make homemade meals for your dog? Are you concerned about lifetime adequacy of commercial pet foods and the safety of commercially available kibble or raw diets? Does your family eat healthy foods rather than highly processed or fast foods? 

If you answer yes to these questions, then let me set the record straight. Naturally the commercial pet food companies will be against you feeding a home made diet.

Your veterinarian has seen health problems associated with poorly made diets or with table scraps, may be reluctant to help. For a veterinarian to recommend a popular commercial diet or sell a diet from the clinic is more practical than taking time to discuss an appropriate homemade diet with you.

Comparing Pet Foods: The Math is Simple, But The Thought Process is Complex: Many Ways Exists to Solve the Problem

Written by Marion (Meg) Smart DVM PhD


Interpreting the pet food label and some simple calculations to use when comparing nutrient levels. 

Client Information: Nutritional Support for a Pet with Cancer

This Article was written by Meg Smart for the Keeshound Journal Febuary 16th /2012

For Client Information in consultation with their Veterinarian

Tumours require nutrients to grow, the host requires nutrient to maintain their quality of life, and this immediately creates a conflict within the body. Some basic questions arise from this conflict. Can we through nutrition:

  1. Slow the growth or starve a tumour?
  2. Make the tumour more sensitive to our therapies?
  3. Modulate the immune system to control or eliminate the tumour?
  4. Neutralize free radicals without compromising the effectiveness of some treatments?