Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Practical Advise on feeding your dog


All the discussion and controversy centring on what is the most appropriate diet to feed your dog should make one appreciate how adaptable and diverse a dog's nutrient requirements are. To understand this let us follow the dietary evolution of the dog for over the fourteen or more thousands of years that they have associated with humans, "a relationship for mutual benefit". We found a loyal and eager companion and worker; they found a welcome and safe home where survival did not depend on hunting. Prior to this the dog (aka wolf) feasted and flourished when prey was abundant; starved, and suffered from diseases and parasites when it was not. Only the strongest and the most adaptable survived. The first processing of food occurred when ancient man discovered fire; this process may have introduced a host of potentially nutritious vegetables and roots which were not well digested in the raw state. Thus man and his dog evolved from a hunter and gather to an agrarian life style, domesticating animals and growing crops. Highly processed and dissected and reconstituted (convenience) foods have only been part of our diet and that of our pets for a little over 200 years.  Less than one percent of the time, that dogs have been associated with man.