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Home made diets and Renal Disease in Dogs by Meg Smart DVM. PhD

The kidney is "a clearing house", conserving vital minerals, degrading and excreting harmful metabolic by-products, controlling water balance, acid-base balance, blood pressure, and producing hormones such as Vitamin D (bone metabolism), erythropoietin (red blood cell production), and renin. If clinical signs, the blood work and a urinalysis indicates your dog is showing signs of kidney failure, your veterinarian may recommend a dietary change depending on the severity of the kidney disease.
Because the kidney is “a clearing house” a change in diet or increasing the number of times per day your dog is fed decreases the work load on the kidney associated with the digestion and metabolism of nutrients found in the food. Protein quantity and quality can be a major factor in controlling the blood urea nitrogen (BUN).
Early to Moderate Kidney Disease:
The diet:
  • Has a moderate protein content between 22 and 25% (dry) ; between 5.5 and 6.2% (canned).The main sources of protein in the ingredient list should be of animal or poultry origin.
  • Has a fat content of between 10 and 15% (Dry) ; 2.5 to 2.75% (Canned) with the main source being animal and/or poultry with added vegetable oils, ground flax and fish oils
  • Has a Calcium between 0.4and 0.8% (Dry); 0.1 and 0.2% (Canned): a Phosphorous  between 0.15 and 0.2% (Dry): 0.035and 0.05% (Canned): a Sodium no greater than  0 .08% (Dry) and 0 .02% (Canned): a Potassium no less than 0 .4% (Dry) and  0.1% (Canned).
  • Omega6:Omega3 no greater than 4:1
Severe Kidney Disease:
The Diet:
·       Has a Protein  no more than 20 % Dry ; 5% Canned, Fat between 10 to 15% Dry ; 2.5 to 2.75% Canned: a Phosphorous  no more than 0.15% Dry; 0.035% Canned: with the Calcium, Sodium and Potassium and the ingredient  sources the same as for Early to Moderate Kidney Disease
·       Omega6:Omega3 no greater than 4:1
 Why Feed Home Made
  • Your dog will not eat the Veterinary recommended diets
  • The high fat content in the Veterinary recommended diets is not recommended for overweight dogs or dog with pancreatitis
  • Kidney disease complicated by Diabetes, Cushing’s, Cancer, Liver Disease
  • You can control the types and sources of ingredients
    You can control the amount of muscle loss

Diet for Early to Moderate Renal Failure

Apples, raw, with skin                                    200g    

Cranberries, raw                                              25 g

 Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled+ shell       2 large

Liver Beef (raw never cook)                          25g

Oil, vegetable, canola                                     ¼ tbsp
 Ground turkey, raw                                       200g

Pumpkin, raw                                         200g

Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked              200g
Squash, summer, all varieties, raw                200g

Wheat germ, crude                                         ½ cup (57g)

Salmon oil ½ tablespoon/ 10kg BW per day


Lightly sauté turkey, or leave raw (can harbor E. coli and Salmonella so proper sanitation measures must be taken), cook the rice, coarse grind vegetables and fruit in a food processor (include seeds and skin). Grind up whole boiled egg plus shell. Mix thoroughly in a large container. Freeze  in labeled zip lock bags
 To calculate your dogs caloric needs take his body weight in kg multiply by 30 add to 70 and multiply by 1.8 ( if overweight multiply by .8)= #of Calories per day.
** Example Your dog weighs 10 kg is not over weight and moderately active
             Caloric requirements are:[ (30x10)+70]x 1.8= 666 Kcal/day
 Diet provides 100/91=1.09g/Kilocalorie
This dog needs 666 x1.09= 725g of food per day or 240 g  3 times a day
 Variations: You can substitute almost any of the vegetables (Fruits) with a similar type of vegetable (fruit); The meat can be rotated through wild game, beef, other poultry sources, other red meats, fish (always cook fish). The analysis will not change very much. I always feed the vegetables, liver, and fruits raw. Cooking can destroy some of the essential vitamins and amino acids present.
Avoid: onions, grapes all kinds, beets, beet tops, rhubarb, swisschard, spinach, 
Feeding directions:
Divide the daily amount into as many small meals as you can  and feed  through the day , (aim for a minimum of 3 small meals per day)

% As Fed
% Dry Matter
Crude Protein
Omega 6
Omega 3

Diet For Late Stage Renal Disease

Apples, raw, with skin                     250g
Carrots, raw                                      500g
egg shell                                                         8g
Egg, white, dried, powder ,             25g
Wild salmon oil                               15g
Oil, vegetable, canola                      1 tbsp (14g)
,Ground turkey, raw                         150g
 Pumpkin, raw                                  200g
Rice, brown,  cooked                       300g
Squash, summer raw                        100g
Wheat germ, crude                           1/4c

% As Fed
% Dry Matter
Crude Protein
Omega 6:3
Food Preparation: as For early to moderate renal failure
Divide daily amount into several small meals per day
Treats: choose only healthy treats
Avoid :
-bones with a lot of marrow and meat
-pigs ears, rawhide
- commercial treats
Can use:
-favourite raw vegetables
-naturally dehydrated heart,  liver treats but very small amounts once a week; not jerky treats must watch the protein levels  
-antler treats, nylon bones


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  5. Best chart I have ever read for feeding a raw diet, as a matter of fact it is the only one I have found that actually suggests foods, gives amounts, directions etc., absolutely terrific and I thank you.
    I am new to the raw food idea but my 14yo Corgi has developed moderate kidney disease and I am concerned about phosphorus. Is there anyway to determine the amount of phosphorus in a raw and or canned diet?
    I say canned because there are many foods that the dog won't eat and there are times when it a couple of canned meals would be much more convenient, ie vacations etc.

    Again, thanks so much for your help and sharing your knowledge.

    1. The phosphorous content is often in homemade diets higher than calcium. On an as fed basis with between 75 to 80%moisture the P around .1 to .14 % or on a dry matter %.5 to .7%

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