Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Basic for a HomeMade Cat Food By Meg Smart



 Basics of a Homemade Cat Food

Homemade cat foods are difficult to make not because they are complex to make, but because cats have unique nutritional requirements, which ideally are met by a “prey diet”.  Carbohydrates although apparently tolerated by cats may be  potentially detrimental to the long-term health of many cats.  Although not proven conclusively carbohydrates or dry cat foods are believed to contribute to lower urinary tract disease, inflammatory bowel disease, skin problems, obesity, chronic renal disease and diabetes mellitus.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My theory about the Jerky Treat Threat

Is protein the root of the problem with the Jerky Dog Treats? or Possible mulfactorial causes.

 By Marion Smart DVM, PhD Professor of Nutrition Western College of Veterinary Medicine

The effect of dietary protein intake on renal function has been studied and reviewed extensively.[i] [ii]Although we have a better appreciation of the problem there is still much controversy surrounding the topic. This debate is related to:
·         external factors such as:

o    dietary protein quality, the source, the amino acid profile,

o    impact of heat processing, high pressure sterilization and irradiation on the protein structure, and digestibility

·         . Internal factors such as:

o   to the digestion and bioavailability of dietary protein

o    the gastrointestinal microbial utilization, metabolism and by-product production of the endogenous and exogenous protein that reaches the colon

 This paper explores the possible explanation of the illness in dogs associated with the Irradiated dehydrated Jerky treats originating from China and Thailand. The assumption being the cause is multifactorial.