Saturday, August 15, 2015

Looking for theSafest,Healthiest Pet Foods? Good Luck with That. by Zach Carter, Senior Political Economy Reporter, The HuffingtonPost

a href="">Looking for the safest, healthiest pet food?Good Luck with that. 
This is a link to article that sums up the complex interactions among the pet food industry, government, FDA and the Food Safety Modernization Act. This was originally posted on the American Academy of Veterinary  Nutritionist Discussion site. by Craig Datz AAVN  President

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Broad Definition of Nutrition: Nutrition is more than ingredients Meg Smart DVM, PhD

Go to your backyard or the park and pick up a handful of soil, smell it,  run it through your fingers even taste , fell the texture and check the moisture. If each reader did this and then submitted their findings to me to summarize; the results in most cases would be  significantly different depending on your location.This close scrutiny of the soils still does not tell you the soil pH, nutrient content and availability, the amount of fibre and organic matter. As well we will have no idea of how healthy the soil 's microorganisms are. In many cases that soil represents the types of soil  that our food is produced on whether primary crops or as feed for livestock and poultry. But do all these different soils produce crops of similar nutrient value and do  we understand all those factors that influence the nutritional adequacy of the plants grown on soil or do we care?