Friday, June 20, 2014

Diets and Periodontal Disease in Dogs and Cats Sarah Champagne and Ursula Perdrizet(2014Nutrition Elective Assignmen Final Year)

During my years as a professor teaching veterinary students nutrition, the assignments they hated the most was any that involved math and the comparing  of nutrients in a diet to determine if the diet was complete and balanced based on some nutritional standards(AAFCO, NRC or Ancestral). They would generally get confused by the fact that each company would list their nutrient analysis in a different manner: e.g.. as % As Fed, as a % of Dry matter, as Units per 100 or 1000Kcal, to complicate this further they will site the Guaranteed Analysis (Min or Max), the Actual Analysis or A Typical Analysis.

In order to make valid comparisons each diet must be brought to a common denominator, including the selected requirements. Because such comparisons,  if done correctly, are time consuming. This type of time consumption does not pay much to a busy veterinarian, so is seldom done except by academics. To make a little easier for the students I developed Excel spread sheets, these are quite crude and the math is simple but comparisons can be done. I am sure any one skilled with spread sheets can take these crude sheet and improve on them. You can also use them to evaluate a client's pet's diet against the industry standards. Unfortunately, I do not have a clue how to publish them on this blog so you will have to contact me if you are interested in one. I would like to charge a nominal fee of $20.00 US; which you will donate to the WCVM Bursary fund for students who find themselves financially strapped during their DVM program. But I am not sure even how to do that except by e-transfer. If enough of my readers show an interest I am sure I can figure something out.
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  2. I know this comment is off topic, but I was hoping you could give me some advice. I am picking up an 11 week Airedale Terrier puppy from the breeder next week. The pup has been fed an exclusively raw meat diet. For a variety of reasons, I will need to transition the puppy to kibble (though I don't mind cooking meat occasionally and adding veggies or other recommended foods).
    Unfortunately, we will be traveling for the entire week after picking up the (not-yet-housebroken) pup, so I am concerned about how to make the transition and avoiding diarrhea (if possible).
    I have spoken with many Airedale breeders and the majority recommend Fromm's puppy food so that is what I plan to try.
    Any suggestions about the best way to make a smooth transition would be greatly appreciated.

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