Thursday, October 22, 2015


I have been retired from academia for over a year now during that period of time I have had time to reflect upon my career and the impact that I might have had on the veterinary students that I was fortunate enough to teach over my academic lifetime. Although I taught in large animal medicine, pathology, clinical pathology, animal science and finally small and medicine the main focus of my academic career has been nutrition. As a veterinary student and as a new  academic, I accepted as truth what my professors and what the pet food industry representatives told me concerning nutrition.. When I started teaching nutrition I embraced pet food industry I invited them to come in and talk to my students about their products, I recommended their products to clients I really had only a superficial understanding of nutrition and its influence on both the health and longevity ourselves and pets.

Monday, October 19, 2015

SNAP Smart Nutritional Advice for Pets by Meg Smart DVM PhD. Veterinary Clinical Nutrition

SNAP Smart Nutritional Advice for Pets:  An app for android and Apple phones

SNAP will individualize the nutritional needs and the health status of pets over their life time. A pet’s current diet can be evaluated or you can use SNAP to evaluate potential diets. Treats can be included in this evaluation. SNAP is a diary of a pet's diet and health.

 No longer will guesstimates be part of a pet's dietary history.A pet's current nutrient intake can be compared to the  industry nutrient standards and/or to the ancestral or prey diet.. You   will be able to evaluate and score  pet store, specialty and  veterinary diets; both kibble or alternative, to determine if they are suitable.

SNAP is a valuable tool for pet owners, veterinarians, veterinary animal health technicians and veterinary  students, or any one interested in pet nutrition